2019-02-15 Pantomime-Workshop in Beirut/Libanon, Studio Amalgam Dance, Circus, Theatre

Mime Workshop – Free Session – with Silke Tinsner

6pm to 8pm
Free of Charge

Registration is a MUST.
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Limited Spots


Miming involves acting out a story through body motions, without the use of speech.
In this Workshop we will explore the basics of Mime movements.
There will be a warm up session to prepare the body.
Then we will learn the 9 positions of Harlequin and use to it create a small improvisation session.


Silke Tinsner is a German actress, performer, mime and theater pedagogue. She finished her Mime studies in 1997 in Berlin.
She became a Freelancer and has performed in Paris, Berlin, Dresden, and Beirut in different projects. She was invited in 2002 by the Goethe Institute of Beirut to take part in the project “bi-rout”, and she is looking forward to share her practice here again.
She has also founded the company “Slapsticker”